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In 2013 Will Be Unveiled Apple iWatch

Apple’s new product named iWatch may launch  in this year and as expected will run with full version of iOS. The features of Apple iWatch were first reported by Bloomberg. But, it is more or less obvious that the Apple won’t begin to submit at once two markets unfamiliar to it one by one. According to the information, that on the project of Apple iWatch  works hundred of experts, the Bloomberg agency decided not to stop on the reached. The Apple iWatch has flexible touch panel and a food from the kinetic store. This watch will be equipped with a pedometer and a pulsator whereas On will allow to receive calls and to check the location on the card. In this gadget, also, apple iwatchwill be sensors, tracking health of the user, for example, the counter of a warm rhythm. The profit from sales of Apple iWatch  will make approximately 60%, which is four time more, than in a case of TVs. The company wants to present the iWatch to public in 2013.

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