high-voltage lines inspector robot

Inspection of high-voltage lines with help of robot SkySweeper

The prototype of such robot called by SkySweeper, was presented this month at the Californian university San Diego (UCSD). This robot is for checking of lines, the worth of SkySweeper less than 1000 US dollars. The robot was constructed of electronics available on sale and the plastic details printed on inexpensive 3D – the printer. Check of high-voltage lines and other engineering communications is long, difficult and often a dangerous task. Inspection of high-voltage cables means or sending there the expert, in protective clothes and food switching off, or use of existing bulky and difficult devices. There are robots, which can inspect a wire, but they have various shortcomings. According to researchers the existing robots of inspection of high-voltage lines big, difficult and expensive. Power supply companies can use also the piloted or pilotless helicopters, equipped infrared equipment for check of lines. The new robot will carry out the same task in a simpler way. SkySweeper was developed at coordination with the professor the Tom Byyuli, working with mechanical and space equipment in Laboratory of a robotics of UCSD. The current design has a V-shaped form and the robot moves on a cable as a caterpillar: at first clings one extremity with a clip then tightens for itself back. The creators of robot work over increase of durability of clips, which will allow the robot to shake so that it could slip by a cable point of support. Now SkySweeper works at accumulators, but the founder says, that they can be replaced with induction coils so it can be connected to the line.


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