Instagram may launch Audio and Video Calling Features Soon

Instagram May Launch Audio and Video Calling Features Soon

Instagram has become an inseparable part of our daily lives for years. We can’t imagine our life without any social sites, especially without Instagram. So what is new for today. It turns out that Instagram may launch Audio and Video calling features Soon. These references include icons and files for features such as “call,” “video call,” and “action call”. As a matter of fact, that these files can be found inside Instagram’s APK (Android Application Package) does not essentially mean the features will be released: they could be just remnants of features which were abandoned at some point. It is, however, far more likely that Instagram plans to add these features in the near future. Instagram declined to comment on the matter. But when Audio and Video calling will launch its new features, there is no definite answer for that question. When the Giphy GIF feature for Instagram Stories was first discovered to be in the works, the company didn’t comment on it. A few days after, Instagram rolled out GIF support for Instagram Stories for all Android and iOS users. If the company follows the same trend, audio and video calling may arrive to Instagram as soon as next week. But one thing is obvious, if Instagram adds audio and video calling to its app, it will become more popular than Snapchat. As we know, Instagram has already copied Snapchat’s Story format and has found a wide range among users. Instagram Stories has 250 million daily active users. In spite of Instagram Stories are more popular, Snapchat still has the lead as a chat platform, as mentioned 9To5Google. So we are supposed to looking forward to wait their further development.


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