Instep NanoPower for Produce Electricity

Tom Krupensky and Ashley Taylor developed a device called Instep NanoPower which can be established in sneakers to produce electricity by using kinetic energy. Energy that was collected by Instep NanoPower, can be used for charging gadgets. Тwo inventors were inspired by the electro wetting. Using the reverse side of this process, they could come up with his invention. For this device is used a liquid metal, called Galinstan. When the user walks the process collects the energy, generated  by  moving  metallic droplets. With Wi-Fi connection energy may be sent to any phone that has Bluetooth. According to the inventors, the runner will be able to produce from 1 to 10 watts of energy. At this time the process of reverse electro wetting invented by Krupensky and Taylor only in concept.

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