Intel Will Introduce Processors Skylake and Skymont in 2015 and 2016

In the years to come Intel will go ahead with developing chips using its “tick-tock” model that was adopted by the company more than four years ago and the 2015 and 2016 processors to be revealed as the results of this strategy will be known as Skylake and Skymont. In Intel’s development model, each “tick” represents a shrinking of the process technology used for the previous CPU microarchitecture, while the “tock” represents the introduction of a new arch. In 2015, on the market will be released processors based on microarchitecture Skylake, and performed at rates of 14 nanometer manufacturing process, as well as processors Broadwell in 2014. At this point is known that the chips will include new computing andgraphics.

The processors Skymont will already be made at rates 11 nanometer manufacturing process. One thing seems to be certain however. This roadmap clearly shows that Intel is determined to remain the leader in chip manufacturing technology and has no plans in slowing down its rush to the 11 nanometer node.