Interactive Projectors for Smartphones

Many mobile phones sold in Japan and Korea, already equipped with a tiny built-in “pico” projectors, which is convenient for watching a movie on the wall of a hotel room. Disney is going to take care of the Western smartphones and is already developing video games for them, which he will demonstrate at the conference CHI 2011.Headed by researcher Carl Willis and Ivan Poyperevom of Disney Research labs, Pennsylvania, MotionBeam project explores the use of projectors for manual interaction and control projected onto the wall of game characters.One of the first games MotionBeam allows the user to control the little yellow character who climbs the walls, collecting stars. The prototype combines the IPod Touch, laser projector, and the sensor unit. The sensors include accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect motions of the smartphone, as well as an ultrasonic distance sensor to determine how far the projector from the wall.Disney said that he was inspired Utsushi-E, as well as the European magic lantern, 1823, which was used to give a sense of movement still images of that time.