Invisible Battery for Transparent Cell Phones

Devices with transparent keyboards, electronics and the display appeared before, but the main problem for researchers has remained the development of “invisible battery”. As noted heads a team of scientists, they first imposed on the network of electrodes a transparent electrode gel, and then “packaged” it in plastic. The resulting design was almost indiscernible to humans, because the grid lines are invisible to the eye. In addition, the gel makes flexible the battery. The greater level of transparency of the battery, means less energy it contains. According to scientists a reasonable level of transparency of the battery is in the range of 50 to 80%, but if necessary it can be as transparent as glass.

The first device to “invisible” batteries hit the consumer market in the next two to four years. Have to say that the first mobile phone with transparent parts is slide GD900 which LG presented at the exhibition of Mobile World Congress in early 2009.