iRobot Ava 500

iRobot Ava 500 – robot for remote meetings

At the beginning of June, 2013 the iRobot Corporation and Cisco presented the joint development: the independent industrial robot equipped with help of a video conferencing, under the name Ava 500. Founders claim that it is not the next humanoid variation of R2-D2 or the simple device which can be operated with iPad and to make video calls. Ava 500 robot represents autonomous system supplied with help of high-end of audio and HD of video which has to become a substitute of the owner, presence at corporate meetings. The robot independently uses built-in system of navigation, also it is equipped with a videosystem of collaboration of Cisco TelePresence EX60. The idea of founders consists in that with help of the robot Ava 500 to provide fuller access to remote production sites as he acts as the full-fledged representative of the person. Thus emphasis is placed on that in the course of communication at interlocutors of Ava 500 it wasn’t created psychological barriers in communication with the electronic device. There is provided the maximum effect of presence of the removed interlocutor.

Thus the robot possesses intelligence: it can independently move on the building to the meeting place or actions if has the plan of floors. Also the system regulates itself on height depending on, whether there takes place a meeting standing or sitting. Besides, the robot freely moves in space, bending around obstacles. The system moderates the speed to arrive on a meeting in time and on its termination independently comes back to the charging station.
The enterprises will be able to take the robot Ava 500 in leasing at the price of $2,5 thousand or to get it for $70 thousand.