Japan Pop Star Aimi Iguchi Was Virtual

Shi is beautiful, stylish and fashionable. Last pop sensation of Japan is not absolutely what it seems – actually it doesn’t exist. It appears that Aimi Eguchi, a new member of Japanese group AKB48, is a virtual composition of six other members of group. The virtual pop star has appeared for the first time in advertizing of Japanese sweets, but also has online a profile and has been presented at magazine photosession. Admirers were in shock, having found out for this weeks that Eguchi is the computer model created by mixing a nose, hair, a mouth, eyes, eyebrows and the form of a body of six real members AKB48. 

Each of them has been written down with use of digital capture of movement that has allowed developers of Eguchi   to   choose the best  lines  for  a  composit pop star.Keys to the real nature of Eguchi have been put in her name – her name occurs from the name of the company of the manufacturer of sweets, and also a song from advertizing. It also not the first virtual star of bottoms of the country – Hatsuni Miku, the synthesized singer, executes in Japan holographic concerts for hundreds fans. Eguchi is last example of the advanced digital technologies which even more often appear on our screens.