Kaspersky Lab found new mobile trojan for iOS and Android smartphones

At the conference Going Underground in London, KL experts told that found new mobile trojan for iOS and Android, included in the platform to spy on users Remote Control Systems (RCS) from the company HackingTeam.
Malicious modules are part of the platform RSC, also known as Galileo. HackingTeam company sells software licenses Galileo public, including law enforcement agencies.
Trojans can transmit data about the location of the victim, take snapshots from cameras, copy the data from the calendar and information about new sim-cards, as well as to intercept calls and messages from Viber, WhatsApp and Skype.
Spy functions begin work only after committing some action – for example, to connect to a specific network, recharge the battery or change the SIM-card.
Kaspersky Lab also identified more than 320 servers for managing Galileo infrastructure, in more than 40 countries. Most servers are located in the United States, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, the United Kingdom and Canada.
Source:Kaspersky Lab