Om One levitating Bluetooth speaker

Levitating Bluetooth speaker Om One

Om Audio LLC have started a huge campaign to get $100,000 for its new product, Om One production. Om One, the first levitating Bluetooth speaker, a portable wireless speaker that levitate in mid-air due to its magnetic base station. The station is also serves as a charging port for the speaker orb and other devices.
The intensity of sound is 110 decibels .It is clear and crispy due to the amplication energy that directed to the speaker driver without any waste of sound waves into a desk, table or bookshelf. Its battery is capable of providing 15 hours of playback on 70 percent volume. Currently the pledged amount is $37 000 and another $ 63 000 is need to be pledged over 49 days to allow the speaker to go out to the market. It will cost $200 to its costumers after the campaign finished but now they can buy it only by $179.

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