What You Need to Know About New LG Drone Phone


LG will release one of the unique things in this 21 century, the world’s first drone phone. This compact LG drone phone will be one of the latest devices our days.

The phone will be named LG U+. This attractive LG drone phone will have many outstanding features. The company has recently announced its new project of two in one phones and declared that drone camera technology is not fully developed.

LG Drone Phone
This device will be equipped with self-charging and a 5000cd high-intensity flashlight. LG has named this project 505 by LG U+

Now, there isn’t a problem taking a video during your parties, or it is very convenient to speak via Skype and make delicious dishes. According to www.dryslate.com, “It is being said that this new tech drone phone will glide during selfie in the air or during video making. LG has built this phone so that it can drift to 360 angles. Whether you are gliding, cliff jumping, para jumping, or on the bungee, this LG phone LG will work everywhere. LG u+ will support you everywhere, whether you’re in the air or on the ground. This device will be equipped with self-charging and a 5000cd high-intensity flashlight. LG has named this project 505 by LG U+”.

But this is not the only news from LG because LG announces that the next upcoming LG V40 will have more than five cameras. As reported, Android Police’s new flagship V40 will have three cameras on the back of the device. It will be the same as Huawei P20 Pro, which has three cameras on the back (first triple-camera System). Just visit our website to learn more details from¬†“LG V40 Next Smartphone Will Have Five Cameras” news.

Watch the video below, so imagine how comfortable this incredible phone is.


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