Lifebook by Alan Donnelly

Alan Donnelly, a product designer from Dublin, designed a new device, the Tablet PC Lifebook. To create the new tablet will be used quite actual technologies. With Lifebook you can control display without having to touch by hands. The computer has a special built-in cameras that track the movement of pupils of the eyes and the movement of the hands ofthe user. To enter information in the Lifebook can be used as a touch keyboard on the display of the tablet, and aslo the projection laser keyboard. Lifebook will work on the recently announced Windows 8 operating system , which will create multiple desktops, between which you can switch in seconds. 

For charging the device doesn’t need to have a single charger, because it can be connected to the computer via USB,  with the help of which the energy will flow in the gadget. Also will be possible to charge Lifebook with non-contact way puting its on a special plate, that will do their work.This is tablet for the future, the appearance of which will require several years.