Louvre Audio Guides with Nintendo 3DS

The Louvre museum in Paris has announced about the decision to upgrade the audio guides it offers to the visitors with the new Nintendo 3DS hand-held game consoles. According to the museum statistics, only 4% of visitors among 8.5 millions visiting the museum every year were using audio guides, so Louvre management decided to take serious steps forward to make the tours better adapted to the visitors. Nintendo 3DS consoles is the world first portable console with the audio support and revolutionary technology that allows for viewing the 3D video content without special glasses or other equipment. The software of the new museum guides is created by Nintendo specialists under the guidance of the professionals from Louvre

Nintendo 3DS consoles are also equipped with the latest technology such as touchscreen display, Wi-Fi and 3D screen. With these consoles, visitors will be able to pick up a tour and follow it in the museum, get information about the current location within the museum gallery, listen hundreds of comments about exhibits in 7 languages and view pictures of exhibits. Special tours for children are also created. In total, Louvre will get 5,000 Nintendo 3DS consoles. Museum also plans to develop a special application for iPad that will allow visitors to use their devices for getting information about the museum of Louvre and its exhibits.

source: www.ria.ru