Magic Trackpad Manipulator by Apple

Magic Trackpad, manipulator from company Apple, looks like an addition to the wireless keyboard. It performs a dual task, serves as a stand, and in it inserted the battery. From the left side unscrew cap, on the right is the power button. Dimensions of the device are 13,13 x 13,01 x 0,46-1,83 cm, and the weight is 140, 05g. Magic Trackpad is made from one piece of silver aluminum. The front panel is covered with glass and in fact, it is button. Touch surface of the device is a flat surface. Magic Trackpad supports the operating system Mac OS since version Snow Leopard 10.6.4. As the rest periphery of Apple, Trackpad connects to a computer via Bluetooth. 

In Snow Leopard when you connect it needed to install the update software (78.6 MB), in  Lyon the necessary software is already built. It includes not only the driver and utility to control Trackpad.From left shows a list of possible operations on the right shows an illustrative demonstration of Trackpad.