Marvelous Ring Mouse

Mycestro 3D ring mouse is wearable mouse from Innovative Developments, which is capable of delivering a fair number of diverse applications. All four buttons on the Mycestro can be utilized for basic work functionality, where you can also take advantage of gestures to perform several tasks. You can open up that email in your inbox, while performing a flicking motion will help you delete those files. The mouse itself is able to manipulate 3D software, such as Solidworks, Pro-E, where moving your arm helps you zoom in and out. In cars, safety increases by allowing drivers to keep their eyes on the road as they navigate thru the menu choices. In addition, drivers can control a more advanced windshield projected Heads-UP navigation system.

In homes, users can interact with their IPTV or TVoIP media content using the same device connecting wirelessly to multiple environments.