A New Memory Technology by IBM Which Work 100 Times Faster Than Flash

IBM’s engineers presented their new device, a new kind of phase change memory (PCM) that reads and writes 100 times faster than flash, stays reliable for millions of write-cycles. PCM is based on a special alloy that can be nudged into different physical states, or phases, by controlled bursts of electricity. New memory technology, known as phase-change memory (PCM), can reliably store multiple data bits for a long periods of the time. With a combination of speed, endurance, non-volatility and density, PCM can be used in enterprise IT and storage systems within the next five years. The technology will allow to increase the efficiency of the work of IT systems.

PCM is also very durable and can endure about   10   million  write  cycles,   compared   to  current  enterprise-class flash at 30,000 cycles or consumer-class flash at 3,000 cycles.The PCM test chip was designed and fabricated by scientists and engineers located in Burlington, Vermont; Yorktown Heights, New York and in Zurich.