Mobile Application for Conducting Chemical Analysis

According to Journal “Sensors and Actuators B (Chemical)” Scientists from the University of Granada, Spain, have developed a new application for a mobile phone with which will be able to analyze the composition of liquid and gas mixtures by photographing the indicator strip, which was in the analyzed environment.The indicator strip, for this analysis, was developed by the same scientists. She looks like an ordinary strip of litmus, but can change color depending on the presence of an element in the test environment, and also on its concentration. The indicator strip is disposable. The stripes, that change its color, photographed by telephone, and then with the help of this image occurs analysis of the composition by using an application. 

At the same time, scientists stress that the application is easy to use. It shows the reliable analysis, even, if during the photographing, strip is not in focus or not in the center of the image. As an example, scientists had demonstrated the analysis of potassium concentrations in the water.