Modai Concept Phone from Julius Tarng

The Modai concept phone, from Julius Tarng, is a pretty cute design and the phone appears to have a mind of its own. For starters it aims to help filter out social content and work content that will allow the user to achieve a balance between work and play. It can even detect when you oversleep or if you are late for meetings and can adjust your alarms accordingly. It also features an interesting function called the Peelstand which allows the phone to “move” on its own. For example during the night, the Modai will slowly “wake up” with the Peelstand propping it up. This can be used as a visual indication that your alarm is about to go off and when it does, you will be able to turn it off by pushing the Modai back down.

The Peelstand can also be used for notifications, such as gently prodding you in the pocket when a message, email or phone call has come in. Other “smart” functions includes the Modai’s charge port which opens up when battery is low, indicating that you should “feed” the phone. The device can also be silenced by placing your finger against the earpiece in a shush-ing motion.