Electric Cars from BMW

Two New Model of Electric Cars by BMW

German carmaker BMW has presented two new models to launch its electric motoring division BMWi, i3 and i8 eco-friendly cars. The i3 is an all-electric small city car, while the i8, a powerful sports car, combines an electric motor with a three-cylinder combustion engine. The cars have been constructed with light-weight aluminium under structures and bodies made from strong and light carbon fibre. The i3 city car, which will hit the road in 2013, will have a range of 150km (95 miles) on one charge. Both the batteries and the motor lie below the floor of the car, which maximises space inside. The car seats four and has a 200-litre luggage space. i8 sportscar is a prototype,which production version will go on sale in 2014. Its electrics-only range is more limited, at only 35km.