iPod Nano Bracelet

Nanolet iPod Nano Bracelet

The iPod nano was designed to be an MP3 player, but due to its small form factor and watch-like appearance, accessory manufacturers have been busy putting out a variety of watch straps that allows the user to slot the iPod nano in place and wear it as a watch while doubling as an MP3 player at the same time. The Nanolet  is more of a bracelet than a watch, and the kicker here is that apparently the brand is made out of a single component that has been 3D printed. According to the creators, the  Nanolet  is perfect for those who run or work out due to its apparent ease of putting it on and how snugly it fits the wearer’s wrist. The  Nanolet  will be available in five colors, such as white, black, red, indigo and dark grey.  Nanolet  will be available with the price $21.52.