Solar impulse plane

New distance records of solar impulse plane

The solar plane, developed and constructed by specialists of Polytechnical federal school in  Lausanne (Switzerland) flew by 1541 kilometers on a route the Phoenix – Dallas. The maximum height of flight exceeded 8200 meters, and average speed concerning the earth made 84 kilometers per hour. Landing of Solar Impulse plane was made on the night of May 23. The pilot of the plane, one of founders of the program Andre Borshberg, added one more record in the list of the personal achievements: earlier he made the longest, 26-hour, weeds by plane with solar batteries.

The solar Impulse plane was constructed for demonstration of potential of solar power. Structurally it represents a glider in a big way wings 63,4 meters, weighing 1588 kg and four electric motors with a total power only 7 kilowatts. The considerable part of the weight, four and a half centers, is the share of the lithium accumulators, allowing to compensate unevenness of illumination of solar batteries during flight. However during the flight the Solar Impulse plane doesn’t use charge in advance saved up during parking. With it the plane differs from a number of predecessors, which were only recharged by solar energy.