Yandex web browser

New web browser from Yandex

Today announced a new version Yandex Browser. The new version made with synchronization. All those data, which do the browser personal, are synchronized: bookmarks, expansions, settings of auto filling of forms, history and the sites fixed in the Board. For implementation of this decision used the Disk of Yandex technologies. Now each user will be able to open the browser on any computer. Modern browsers are not only simply programs which show a site on gathered in the address line URL. They have to help the person to be guided on the Internet. This task including is assumed by the Clever line into which it is possible to enter and search inquiries. On the page of delivery of a search engine the address line is necessary to the majority of users for continuation of search session. It will be so more clear that was looked for and that was, and the main thing, the person will have an opportunity to add and reformulate inquiry directly in omni-box. The searching works not only for Yandex, but also for any search engine, which supports the Opensearch standard. In spite of the fact that the address of delivery isn’t removed, it can be copied in a clipboard after a click on an address line. Also, there is an opportunity to disconnect such display in settings. The Board became one of innovations of theYandex . ru team. They refused representations of sites in the form of screenshots, having replaced them with widgets. As usual, the Yandex browser itself will gradually be updated for all users, but the users can already load the fresh version.