Night Vision Glasses from Sanne – Marye Huijing

Unfortunately human are unable to see in the dark the way cats can. For those who would like to have the capability of seeing in the dark, industrial design engineer Sanne – Marye Huijing introduces new Night Vision glasses that will extend the horizons of sight in the dark. The new night vision glasses Many different manufacturers have been already offering different variations of the night vision equipments, but the glasses developed by Sanne – Marye Huijing are supposed to enlarge the horizons of the night view. The Night Vision glasses have phosphorescent layered design that sends out the UV light. This allows for increasing the sight vision more accurately and clearly. As UV light has high intensity, it helps out to evade the invisibility to great extent. 

The new innovative glasses also have micro lens arrays that help in concentrating the light to the eye. The glass frame which is printed in ABS has a stylish appeal attached with durability. Additionally, Night Vision glasses from Sanne – Marye Huijing are equipped with two small lithium batteries of 300mAh and 3.7 V at each of the glasses frame’s side, lending power for the UV LED (3.3 V, 20mA) light. LED lights are located on both sides of the glasses frame beside the lenses. The lenses are formed in mold type structure and are made from PMMA and vacuum. The Night Vision glasses are developed to increase the sight at night by means of these glasses sending out UV light into the environment. Manufacturers hope that the product will meet great interest, especially for drivers and other people working at nights.