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Nokia Lumia will allow to call on the lost keys

Have you ever lost your keys of home or car? Everyone ever lost the keys and have the[ad name=”Google Adsense-3″] problems with its find. But now this problem is solved. The Nokia Company will let out for Nokia Lumia smartphones an accessory tag under the name Treasure Tag. Being attached to some subject – for example, to a bunch of keys — Treasure Tag will allow to define its location in case of loss. Work is carried out with Treasure Tag via the smartphone on which it is necessary to install a special application. The program will show location of the lost subject. If necessary it is possible to force a tag to publish a sound signal to facilitate search. Connection between a tag and the Nokia Lumia smartphone is established with help of the NFC technology, and data exchange is carried out on Bluetooth (version 4.0 with low power consumption).

Nokia Lumia find lost keys
Nokia Lumia find lost keys

Radius of action of Bluetooth makes about hundred meters, but actually can be less because of hindrances and physical barriers. Bluetooth 4.0 specification support in the Nokia Lumia smartphones will add, having let out updating of Amber code-named. It leaves in the next weeks. Updating is intended for devices under control of the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Treasure Tag will be delivered together with a thong, with its help the tag fastens to subjects. The charge of the battery which has been built in a tag, will suffice for work half a year. How much will cost an accessory and when it will appear on sale, it isn’t reported yet. On iPhone, iPad and iPod touch already there is a Tile project similar to Treasure Tag. As well as development of Nokia, Tile represents a tiny tag which can be attached to keys or a purse. On production of an accessory user of Kickstarter transferred over two million US dollars.

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