Panasonic Developes Smallest and Thinnest 20-inch IPS Alpha LCD Panel

Panasonic Developes World Smallest and Thinnest 20-inch IPS Alpha LCD Panel

Panasonic Corporation, a leader in high-definition display technology, has developed a 20-inch 4K2K (3,840 x 2,160 resolution, approx. 8.29 million pixels) IPS Alpha LCD panel, the smallest as a 4K2K-resolution display. The new panel has the world’s highest pixel density of 216 pixels per inch (ppi) and the thickness of only 3.5 mm, the thinnest in the world. The Panasonic 4K2K IPS Alpha LCD panel employs two new technologies, Pixel structure with ultra-high aperture ration structure and New liquid-crystal molecular orientation process technology. New Pixel structure significantly reduces the effects of the electric field that are generated due to the increase in pixel density, and improves IPS Alpha panel‘s already industry-leading light  transmission rate approximately twice as much as the panels having the conventional structures.

The orientation performance of the liquid crystals in a plane parallel to the TFT (Thin Film Transistor) substrate is further improved. A prototype panel will be unveiled at the 2012 International CES to be held in Las Vegas, United States from January 10 to 13.