Panasonic Introduced the Table for Device Charging

Imagine that rechargeable batteries are your favorite and necessary devicees such as a mobile phone or laptop can be recharged simply being on the table. Panasonic has developed a prototype of the table with solar panels that will help you recharge, such as mobile phones. Just put your mobile phone at a black table top and all the charging process is already underway.The prototype of this innovative high-tech table from Panasonic was recently presented in Tokyo at the international exhibition Retail Tech Expo, where he received universal approval, and attracted great interest from the public.On the wireless inductive charging for some time to talk or even use it in reality, but for the first time Panasonic has  decided to create tables with special rechargeable

panels that can be installed in cafes and fast food restaurants, allowing visitors to recharge their mobile phones, mp3-players, and laptops, while they eat.