Paper Batteries by Sony

Sony has introduced a new prototype of bio batteries which are working on simple shredded paper. The batteries use sugar (glucose) extracted from the cellulose in the paper which generates power for producing the energy. With the Sony’s innovation technology, users may power up their devices from the ecologically clean and waste materials with no use of harmful metals or chemicals. At the Eco-Products exhibition in Tokyo, the technology giant Sony Corporation has demonstrated the newly invented paper batteries. Some waste paper was placed in the mixture of water and special enzymes. In couple of minutes, one of the enzymes added to the mixture has extracted glucose from the cellulose contained in the paper. 

Another enzyme produced hydrogen ions along with electrons from the broken cellulose chains. The extracted electrons were used as a “fuel” for getting energy, which was enough to power up a small electric device. Mini fan powered from the paper batteries were presented by Sony at the Eco-Products exhibition. Of course, the technology of new batteries is not yet capable to power up bigger devices and still needs a development before it will appear in the consumer market and can be used for producing large amount of energy, but according to the senior researcher of Sony‘s Advanced Material Research Lab, the possibility of using waste paper for getting energy sounds really exciting and is worth of the future research.