Project of Augmented Reality For Toyota

Company Toyota has presented its development in the area of ​​”Expansion” of reality. The common name of the project Augmented Reality Toyota – “Window to the World”. In its frameworks created five original concepts that have distinctive features. The concept of “Interactive Canvas” lets you draw with your fingers on the glass objects that become part of the surrounding space, and the concept of “Approaching the Selected Objects” makes the glass in screen approximating the object specified by the passenger. 

Concepts of “Translation into the Local Language” and “Visualization of Distance”certainly come in handy on the road, the first can translate the names of objects behind the glass, the second can calculate the distance from the vehicle to a  selected object on the glass. The technology of the “Extended” or “Augmented” reality is used in some gadgets, which allows you to get more information about the object at prompting on a monitor.