Zero Edge screens

Projective Pure Zero Edge screen from the Screen Innovations Company

The Screen Innovations Company filled up the popular series of projective Zero Edge screens with two models from a new material: the Pure White screen with strengthening 1.3 and the Pure Gray screen with strengthening 0.8. Both models have a firm frame of Zero Edge. The material, of which projective Pure White and Pure Gray Zero Edge screen made, is called as Micro Texture. Used for material creation the technology allows to do screens nine times thinner more smoothly, in comparison with the best development presented in the modern market. Besides, on assurances of the Screen Innovations, new models are capable to reproduce permission from 1080p to 8K and it not a limit of opportunities. Pure Zero Edge screen being taken of a box at once ready to installation and don’t demand additional tools. Possibilities of installation include wall option and ceiling when the screen is suspended on hardly noticeable cords. The new additional LED illumination built in a frame has six user modes, 256 thousand flowers and temperature of 6500 Kelvin of the white. Screens are available in a large-format configuration a diagonal to 120 inches at a ratio from 16:9 to 150 inches at 2.35:1. The updated Zero Edge screen series consists of the Pure White models with strengthening 1.3, Pure Gray (0.85), Black Diamond (2.7), Black Diamond (1.4) and Black Diamond (0.8). The most inexpensive screen costs $1599. The price recommended by the producer depends on a complete set.