Qbo Robot Recognizing Itself in the Mirror

Spanish designer Francisco Paz at his Madrid-based robotics company Thecorpora, has built a robot Qbo that became famous with its self-recognition. The chubby robot is equipped with a stereoscopic vision and some object and facial recognition programs, which allows for various advanced functions including the self-recognition. Additionally, robot is trained to like himself. To test robot’s unusual capabilities, the robot was placed in front of a mirror. After a while of image detection, robot has recognized himself in the mirror and answered  “Oh. This is Me. Nice.” Initially,robot was designed to be a mobile controlled device, recognizing faces and objects. Self-recognition was used to be an expression of  natural   intelligence,   primates,   dolphins  and elephants as well as humans. 

We can make assured that soon we can find ourselves surrounded by robots with some level of intelligence.  In the next steps, the designer Paz plans to work on training the robot’s artificial intelligence so that it can recognize itself ‘autonomously’ when it finds its mirror image. At present, Qbo robot is already equipped with internal knowledge base, so it can answer some simple questions, like “What it this? or “Do this”. Designers are planning to learn robot more as long as the project will develop.