Robot for Raspberry Pi

RAPIRO robot for Raspberry Pi

Shota Ishiwatari, founder of the Kiluck Corp Company recently created RAPIRO, which is the specially created robot for Raspberry Pi. The robot gathers easily and delivered with RGB light-emitting diodes, 12 servo-drivers and an Arduino-compatible plate for management of the servo-driver. The RAPIRO will cost £229 ($354) without the accessories for the electronic auction. Shota developed the robot in CAD, and worked with JMC over prototype production. Each of its 12 joints is calculated on a feed from small and inexpensive servo-drivers. They reduce robot cost, but don’t expect from it tremendous productivity. Nevertheless, the robot can move the head, hands, to suffice and let out from capture, and to waddle. Its exoskeleton is made ​​ of high-quality molding under pressure, but at desire you will be able to change something in the robot. The CAD-file of the robot will be provided ​​ on a company site that it was possible to potter with it, creating design and printing own 3D parts. RAPIRO is intended for work with Raspberry Pi and its module of the camera, but they aren’t included in the package. Raspberry Pi is the tiny computer which was developed by Linux, and can be connected to the computer display, loudspeakers and USB devices, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Possible applications include Facebook or Twitter of the notice or support of the game controller. The robot also can be equipped with sensor of distance of PSD and loudspeakers which have to be acquired separately. The PSD sensor enters into a groove on a breast of the robot and is sent to the earth. Data on distance can be used to save the robot from falling from a table. We hope that community of RAPIRO will share a large number of ideas.