Repyuta Cloud Engine Database System

Repyuta Cloud Engine Database System for the Robots

The robots will have its own information database Repyuta, which is database like Google and Wikipedia. 

Now the robots can access “Brain” in the cloud. The part of the European RoboEarth Project a “World Wide Web for robots” has a goal to standardizing the robots to feel the world. By this program the robots can download information from internet for performing the tasks. Repyuta will serve to the central database of robots information uploaded from other robots. The advantage of this program is that on the boar a robot will not pack a lot of computing power. This will happen by using “the cloud”. The database system will make robots not expensive, as the robots don’t need to process all their power. The creators of Repyuta‘s said that if the wireless information will have more speed, the robotic thinking can be more offloaded to the web. The Repyuta will be more efficiently especially in such Repyuta, which has not a pilots, for example for self-driving cars or drones.

The database system Repyuta was named in honor of Japanese film, which means “Castle in the Sky” in English.