RoboCar from Company ZMP

Robot company ZMP from Tokyo has introdusted thier new robot car known as the RoboCar MEV-C. This new concept of robot car is based on COMS, a vehicle Toyota started developing back in 2000. Just as COMS, the MEV-C is a single-person, 4-wheeled electric mini car just with a robotic twist. According to ZMP, this particular vehicle can be driven around, but it’s main purpose is to be a research object for roboticists, universities and car manufacturers. The ZMP sports a fair bit of features that makes it all the more desirable, including a stereo camera, a 9-axis wireless motion sensor, a GPS unit to help you get around, a temperature and humidity sensor, a laser range sensor, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity,  and  the so-called CAN, Control Area Network, protocol that will be part of an open platform which enables buyers to access just about any bit of hardware. 

The RoboCar MEV-C is sized at 2.3×1.0×1.6m and weighs 310kg. ZMP has already started selling RoboCar MEV-C with the prices starting at US$35,000.