Robot Which Interact With Children

Thе Korean Institute of Industrial Technology recently announced thе completion of іtѕ latest robot, called SEROPI-2. It can interact with children and actors on a stage. SEROPI-2 is slightly shaved down from the original, measuring 120cm (4′) tall and weighing 45kg (99 lbs). It also reduces the total degrees of freedom from 31 to 26 (two hands x2, two arms x7, waist x2, knee x2, head x2, and mobile base x2). Тhrough its unique knee, SEROPI-2 is able to bend down to pick up objects from the floor. Like SEROPI-1, it can move at speeds of up to 2 meters per second (7.2 km/h) in order to keep pace with fast moving people. It has stereo vision, microphones, force sensors, force-torque sensors, a laser range finder, and an inertial navigation system. SEROPI-2 recently appeared at the Gwacheon Science Museum.