Robot That Can Themselves Learn

Some time ago was created robot ARMAR-IIIa by scientists working at the center of robotics. ARMAR-IIIa has 43 degrees of freedom and many sensors.But scientists didn’t stop and continued their works. So now they created an new robot, called ARMAR-IIIb. This robot has a special platform wich helped the robot to analyze observations, voice’s instructions and also gestures.ARMAR-IIIa and ARMAR-IIIb have a similar form. Robot’s head is with the original structure of the eye, each of which consists of two cameras to estimate the approaching or leaving objects.ARMAR-IIIb can remember objects or people and can himself   make   new   words   in its vocabulary. 

The robot is able to  analyze the main points of the trajectories and to identify a person. Тhe main problem of scientists to teach the robots themselves communicate with the people.