Robot PR2 SE for Research and Innovation

Company Willow Garage has announced the launch of the PR2 SE. A modified version of the original PR2, the PR2 SE will be a one-armed robot instead of having two arms.The scientists and engineers will be able to explore the innovative capabilities for personal robots at a much faster pace. PR2 combines the mobility to navigate human environments and the dexterity to grasp and manipulate objects in those environments. PR2 allows you to concentrate on your specific field, while taking advantage of the work of specialists in other areas.  

The PR2 is an open platform. You can change the system to meet your needs at any level. With the PR2 SE, Willow Garage is hoping that it can help to expand the    research,   engineer  and  roboticist community. The PR2 SE will be sold at a lower price $285,000 with an additional 30% discount if the person buying the robot has a proven track record in contributions to the open source community.