Robot Wich Helps Detect Radioactivity in Pipes

A spherical robot equipped with a camera which may navigate underground pipes of a nuclear reactor by propelling itself with an internal network of valves and pumps. MIT reports that Harry Asada, the Ford Professor of Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and director of MIT’s d’Arbeloff Laboratory for Information Systems and Technology and his colleges are working on perfecting this little ball-shaped robot to   help monitor and  detect  leaks   in  aging  nuclear  reactor pipelines. The robot will be able to move itself forward by using the force of water moving through the reactor pipes.

It’s equipped with a series of tiny Y-shaped valves that can change the flow of water going through it , operators  can  switch  up  which pipes water is flowing through and navigate the robot that way. The robot will also be able to transmit data wirelessly, and will have a camera to allow operators to “see” in the pipes. However, they aren’t going to be built to last. The robots will be able to go on a handful of missions, but will be treated as disposable since they’ll break down from radiation exposure.