Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robots

Modular Self-Reconfigurable Robots Can Transform Themselves

Get acquainted with new robots that are called Modular self-reconfigurable robots (MSRR). A new paper in Science Robotics is introducing an impressive robot with a new twist.

Modular self-reconfiguring robots are autonomous kinematic machines with variable morphology. Self-reconfiguring robots are able to deliberately change their own shape by rearranging the connectivity of their parts, perform new tasks, or recover from damage.

Modular self-reconfiguring robots

For instance, a robot made of such components could assume a worm-like shape to move through a narrow pipe.

“The system architecture balances distributed mechanical elements with centralized perception, planning, and control. By providing an example of how a modular robot system can be designed to leverage reactive reconfigurability in unknown environments, we have begun to lay the groundwork for modular self-reconfigurable robots to address tasks in the real world,” stated the study.

To imagine what is speech about, offering you to watch the video below!


Some researchers claim that their new invention represents the first time. A modular robot has autonomously resolved problems by reconfiguring to adapt to and overcome obstacles in its environment.

According to “The work opens doors to many amazing advanced future applications. Efficient MSRRs can be used to offer unprecedented support and new solutions to everything from space exploration to consumer products to healthcare”.

By saying “self-reconfiguring” or “self-reconfigurable” means that the mechanism is capable of utilizing its own system of control. Having the quality of being “modular” in “self-reconfiguring modular robotics” is to say that the same module can be added to or removed from the system, as opposed to being generically “modularized” in the broader sense. The underlying intent is to have an indefinite number of identical modules, or a finite and relatively small set of identical modules, in a mesh or matrix structure of self-reconfigurable modules.

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