Toyota Has Created a Basketball Shooting Robot

Toyota Has Created a Basketball Shooting Robot

It is has been passed for a long time that we do not write about the robots. Now we have a fantastic news about Cue 3 robot that is created by Toyota. The robot is a 6-foot-10-inch basketball shooting robot named Cue 3. It uses a set of sensors on its torso to measure its distance from the basket and adjust its shots. In a recent test, the robot made five of eight 3-point shots.

Businessinsider mentioned “Toyota built Cue 3 to demonstrate the robot’s use of “visual feedback” when shooting. Cue 3 can’t run, dribble, or execute the other fundamentals necessary to play alongside humans”.

The recent demonstration witnessed by The Associated Press, the basketball shooting robot made five of eight 3-point shot attempts; that is really good result. Yudai Baba, a basketball player likely representing host Japan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, took part in the demonstration said; ““We human players are still better for now”.

In 2019, Toyota’s original Cue robot won a shooting contest against two players on the Alvark Tokyo, a team in Japan’s professional basketball association, the B.League.

Watch the video below!

According to Toyota engineers, the Cue robot is planned to demonstrate the use of visual feedback. The robot’s shots demonstrate the accuracy of its sensors and its ability to adjust based on the data it receives. The first Cue robot debuted last year and was used to hit shots from free-throw range. The updated Cue 2 was shown off in December.

So, Toyota engineer think that it would take around 20 years for robots like Cue 3 to incorporate skills like running, dribbling, and dunking. Toyota should host another Cue 3 demonstration 10 B.League game between Alvark Tokyo and Sun Rockers Shibuya.

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