Ruby - wireless router

Ruby wireless router with e ink display

At the CTIA 2013 exhibition Yota Devices presented a wireless router of Ruby. Feature of  the device is the E-Ink display. Such display is usually used in electronic “eReaders”. On the black-and-white screen, which is in the lower part of Ruby, are displayed the accumulator charge, force of a signal and number of the devices connected to a router. The advantage of displays on e ink display is profitability: they spend the electric power only at the time of picture updating. The wireless router is equipped with the accumulator with a capacity of 2100 milliampere-hours. The battery is charged to seventy percent for an hour. Ruby promises to become one of the most “long-playing” routers of Yota: it can work till twelve o’clock if on the connected devices playing videos, till twenty four o’clock if web surfing, and till sixty o’clock in a waiting mode.

The wireless router is capable to work with the GSM, UMTS and LTE networks. With its help it is possible to create both opened, and the closed Wi-fi network. Quickly the switch on the Ruby case allows to switch over from one network to another. In the device are provided the slot for the Micro-SIM cards and the double connector (USB and micro-USB).

Ruby will be delivered to mobile network operators, which will be able to sell it with packages of the services. Without operator discounts the device costs will be about 120 US dollars.


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