We Will Meet Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019

We Will Meet Samsung Galaxy S10 in 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 will come in 2019 at MWC 2019, which takes place from February 25-28. The smartphone will be the most exciting phone of 2019.

According to techradar.com “the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus are strong, but not 5 stars strong, and we’re going to need to see some big changes for the brand to stay on top, especially in the face of fiercer competition from the likes of Apple and Huawei”.

There is no much more information about the Galaxy S10, but there are some rumors that we are going to introduce now.

Samsung Galaxy S10 release, date and price!

The Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date is likely to be in early 2019. More exactly people will probably see it at MWC 2019, which takes place from February 25-28.

We do not know the exact price, and there are no rumors about it yet, but it is supposed to cost a lot. Galaxy S9 launched at $719.99 / £739 / AU$1,199, while the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus went on sale for $840 / £869 / AU$1,349.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Design!

We’ve seen a photo, possibly showing a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Design
Samsung Galaxy S10 Design

According to techradar.com “The image, which you can see below, shows a handset with a curved screen and almost no bezel on any edge. There seems to be less bezel in fact than we’ve seen on any other phone, suggesting the front-facing camera may either pop up or be built into the screen”.

The Specifications of Samsung Galaxy S10!

Camera – A triple-lens rear camera on the top-end model

12MP, 13MP and 16MP lenses

A dual-lens front-facing camera

Power – A Snapdragon 855 chipset

8GB of RAM

Battery – 3,000mAh

So, the exact specification, we will learn after the official release.

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Source: www.techradar.com