Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Smartphone and camera in one device

Samsung announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom — the device representing a hybrid of the  camera and the smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom possesses all functions of the smartphone, but at the same time is allocated with a sliding lens with 10x optical zoom, xenon flash and a 16-megapixel photomatrix. The lens is located on the back panel. Range of its focal lengths are from 24 to 240 millimeters, and the range of values of a diaphragm are from 1/3,1 to 1/6,3. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom chamber is capable to do to four pictures in a second. Thanks to technology of optical stabilization the user can receive accurate photos even in the conditions of a lack of light. The battery of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom can hold 2,330mAh. Characteristics of “smartphone” part of the device correspond to Galaxy S4 Mini characteristics: the 4,3-inch screen with the resolution of 960 on 540 points, a dual-core processor and one and a half gigabyte of random access memory. Samsung also releases cameras on Android under the name Galaxy Camera. The price of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom will be $ 618, and will launch in Russia in July of this year.