Samsung Galaxy tablet on the Intel Atom processor

Samsung Galaxy tablet on the Intel Atom processor

Samsung prepares for release a tablet on the Intel Atom processorThe tablet will  belong to a line of Galaxy devices, which Samsung develops since 2009, and will receive the name Galaxy Tab 3. The Atom processor will be involved in it on the Clover Trail platform. Most likely, it will be the binuclear Atom Z2520, which is let out on 32-nanometer technical process.

In spite of the fact that the tablet didn’t leave yet, the GFXBench edition already published. Judging by them, the device will receive the 10,1-inch screen with the resolution of 1280 on 800 points and will work at Android 4.2.2. Clock frequency of the processor makes from 0,8 to 1,6 gigahertzes.

According to other version, under the name Galaxy Tab 3 the Samsung will let out some tablets: one — with the Intel x86 processor and another with the ARM processor.

The Atom processors intended for smartphones and tablets, Intel presented in 2012. The company tries to win the market of mobile devices, where the architecture of ARM at the moment prevails. Processors on its basis let out Qualcomm, Nvidia, Texas Instruments, Samsung and others.

Samsung is the world’s largest producer of mobile phones. All devices in a ruler Galaxy are based on ARM processors.