Samsung Introduces New Series 5 Ultrathin Laptops

Samsung has presented two new ultra laptops of Series 5. New laptops got the name “ultrabook” due to their upgraded hardware characteristics. The new 13-inch and 14-inch Samsung laptops will be made of aluminum. Both models will have Intel Core i5 processor, HDMI and Ethernet ports, matte screens, Wi-Fi support, a webcam and up to 8GB of RAM. 13-inch Samsung ultrabook model will be 14.9mm thick, will weight 1.4kg and have 500GB HDD available. In its turn 14-inch model will be 20.9mm thick with the weight in 1.8kg and will have 1TB HDD available. Both models will be only 0.8 inch thick. The new Series 5 laptops may support a Radeon HD 7550M graphics card. The ExpressCache technology available of the new Samsung 

laptops allows for fast boot (approximately 7 seconds from a cold start) and fast resume from Sleep mode (approximately 2 seconds). The screen resolution for both models is 1366-by-768 pixels, which is the most popular resolution in the laptops industry. The new Samsung ultrabook models are expected to appear in the South Korean market at the end of this month. The estimate price for 13-inch model is about $1,300, while 14-inch model is estimated to be about $1,345. Both Samsung ultrabook models are considered to be of thinnest laptop category, but the 14-inch model will be the ultrathin model of laptops in the market. New laptops are equipped with a DVD drive that makes the new Samsung Series 5 laptops competing against the ultrathin Apple MacBook Air notebook.