Samsung Wristwatch Concept

Samsung Wrist watch

Samsung Electronics is developing a new device like a wrist watch. 

The company didn’t give any information regarding new device. This wearable digital device will do many tasks of smartphone. Last month, Apple experimented a device which design was similar to the wrist watch, which will operate by the same platform as the iPhone and will be made with curved glass. According to the informal data, the similar product also is developed by the Apple company — the main competitor of Samsung in the market of smartphones and tablets. The representative of Samsung didn’t mention, the functions of the wrist watch. Also, still there is no word regarding the estimated time of selling. As before wrote Bloomberg, the Apple plans to let out the the wrist watch until the end of the current year. According to agency, there are 100 people working in this project, and the team is supervised by the chief designer of Apple Johnathan Ives. The computers intended for carrying on a body. Both for Apple, and for Samsung it is important to occupy the market first  to complicate this task to the competitor.