Segway Drift W1 Is a New, Comfortable Self-Balancing Roller Shoes

Segway Drift W1 Is a New, Comfortable Self-Balancing Roller Shoes

Segway Drift W1 will give you the best chance to get your planned place as sooner as better. It is very unique and designed for maximum comfort.

Segway is created for those people who like to have fun and make their day extremely interesting and unforgettable, if you have a boyfriend\girlfriend then this Segway just for you (Easy way meet your lover without a late).

Segway Drift W1 is very easy to carry and transport wherever you want to ride, because it weighs just under 8 pounds (3.5 kg) making them comfortable.


Weight – Net (single wheel) – 7.7 lbs (3.5 kg)

Size (single wheel) – 11.5″ x 6″ x 5″ (29 cm x 16 cm x 12 cm)

Max Speed – 7.5 mph (12 km/h)

Typical Riding Time (Depends on riding style and terrain) – 45 minutes

“The new Segway Drift W1 brings all the fun and coolness you expect from Segway’s consumer products line, combined with the high-quality engineering consumers expect from the Segway brand,” the company stated in an announcement.

Do You Know the History of Segway HT?

It was invented by Dean Kamen and brought to market in 2001. HT is an initialism for ‘human transporter’ and PT for ‘personal transporter’.

The first patent by Dean Kamen for a self-balancing transportation device was filed in 1994 and granted in 1997 in relation to the iBOT, a self-balancing wheelchair which he developed at DEKA, a company that he had founded in 1982. Development of the iBOT started in 1990 with the first working prototypes available in 1992. In late 1994, DEKA signed a deal with Johnson & Johnson to manufacture the unit, with Johnson & Johnson paying for all subsequent R&D with DEKA received a smaller royalty fee than normal in return for their retaining rights to all non-medical applications of the technology. The iBOT was revealed to the public on Dateline NBC in a segment by John Hockenberry on June 30, 1999.