Senseye Allows Controlling Your Phone With Your Eyes

Have you ever thought you may control your phone with your eyes? Senseye presents new software that allows for manipulating your phone just by moving your eyes. Senseye software is using the front-facing camera on your phone and a built-in LED for detecting your eyes’ position. Senseye tracks the motion of your eyes in accuracy high enough to detect which part of your phone’s screen or the icon you are looking at. With Senseye you may play simple games, scroll the text and enter the password or the number to dial only by looking to your phone’s screen. On the video presented by the manufacturer, a bulk case on an inexpensive phone equipped with a front-facing camera is used. 

In the future, Senseye is planning to produce a small dongle that will enable your phone to follow eye motion or integrate the technology directly into the phone. The technology however will cost no more than $5 per phone. An individual add-in device for regular phones mainly dedicated to developers will cost about $99 and will be available early next year. The first phone equipped with the Senseye software is planned to appear in the market in 2013. Senseye is also planning to release another software for advertisers to follow how long do visitors look to the different elements of the advertisement on the internet resource or outside in the street.