A New Service for Owners of Volvo Cars

Volvo Car Corporation offers a new service for owners of Volvo cars from a mobile application developed by the Swedes, which give the ooportunity to control the car at a distance.For control a car need an iPhone or any smartphone that runs on OC Android, and aslo car must have the latest version of Volvo On Call system, which appears in the new Volvo models since 2012.On the smartphone will be necessary to install a special application equipped with broad functionality,with help of which car’s owners will be able to determine the location of the car on a map, to lock and open the door, to configure heater, to receive information of the fuel level, of average speed, to keep a logbook with details of all trips in the past 40 days, always to have at hand the technical data of the car, such as the VIN-code, registration number and etc.