Single Wheel Eco Scooter RYNO

Typically, scooters have two wheels, but now the company Ryno Motors has created a rather unusual single-wheel electric scooter that is ready to sell at a preliminary price $ 4,000.Before you get this stylish single-wheel scooter, in advance, make sure your good skills to keep a balance. When driving on Ryno, they can come in handy.The company is confident that their single-wheel monster has the same right to exist as two-wheeled bikes.Ryno can reach a maximum speed of 20 miles / hour (32 km / h) and go 30 miles (48 kilometers) without recharging. Scooter – a light, maneuverable and compact. You will always find room for him in garage and private parking space. In addition, with no traffic jams Ryno on crowded roads are not afraid of you.

He will drive carefully where other vehicles can not pass, suffering a tedious expectations during peak hours.This electric miniskuter is eco friendly and not pollute the environment. It can take a train or pick up at the elevator when needed.